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29th May 2012

With the reduction of services, a large number of vehicles have been sold after becoming surplus to requirements. These include Mercedes Benz Citaro AG's 0012-04 LX04 KZY and 0013-04 LX04 KZZ to JHA Travel while Leyland Olympian Open Top 0001-87 E301 MSG, DAF SB3000 / Plaxton Prima 0015-98 YPU 781, Dennis SPD's 0016-00 V380 SVV and unnumbered X602 OKH have passed to IJ Travel. A new acquisition is of Dennis MPD Y351 HMY which has allowed for the withdrawal of Dennis Dart / Marshall Capital 0009-99 T392 AGP. Transbus Alexander Dennis ALX400 0026-00 V749 KJU has received a new variant of The Durham Tour branding.

10th May 2012

After being replaced with heritage vehicles on the Durham Tour, Alexander PS / Volvo B10M 0003-94 M463 VCW has been debranded and is now in reserve. Dennis Dart / Martial Capital 0009-99 T392 AGP is now Cream and has an advertisement while also repainted cream is Transbus Alexander Dennis ALX400 V479 KJU but does not yet have full vinyls applied. The future of this vehicle is on the Durham Tour where it will be converted to open top, with Leyland Olympian 0001-87 E301 MSG now withdrawn. DAF SB300 / Plaxton Prima YPU 781 has been withdrawn after service X99 ceased frequent operations and now inter works with the S2, so is allocated for an MPD. A further Alexander Dennis MPD repainted in new livery is 0011-02 YJ52 DUP. Two new vehicles have joined the fleet in the form of Volvo B6BLE / Wright Crusaders X981 CNO and X989 CNO, numbered 0017-00 and 0018-00 respectively. The first of these is now repainted and is in use, branded for the 44.

8th December 2011

The long awaited GMC RTS has now arrived and is in under preparation for the Durham Tour, registered HLK 871 with fleet number 702. Routemaster RCN 701 is now available for service on the heritage tour and seeing occasional operation gaining fleet number 701. Dennis MPD 0006-04 SF04 HXR has been repainted into new livery and has gained branding for shuttle services S1 and S2.

3rd October 2011

Many Changes have occurred this week with vehicles heading out to Durham District Services being Optare Solo 0004-99 T294 BNN and Temsa Avenue 0027-11 NK11 GVA due to a vast amount of complaints regrading the poor seating. In return for these, we have gained Transbus Dennis Dart MPD YJ52 DUP numbered 0011-02 and is now all over Cream, Wright Axcess Ultralow numbered 0018-95 that is currently under repair and will enter service in around 2 months and Transbus Alexander Dennis ALX400 numbered 0027-02. Due to high passenger volumes on service 44, this is now allocated for both our ALX400's which will help to upgrade the service. Another vehicle coming to the fleet soon is a favorite of our company, this is a TMC RTS from 1991. This classic American Bus is currently in shipping to the UK and will be used on the Durham Tour after arrival and fitting out with Automatic Recorded Commentary.

17th September 2011

Routemaster RCN 701 has been acquired for use on the Durham Tour on selected days and special event days. With the Winter only requiring one vehicle on most days, Leyland Olympian 0002-87 E302 MSG has been delicened for this period due to being surplus to requirements.

27th August 2011

Further repaints to the fleet are to new Temsa Avenue 0027-11 NK11 GVA and 0021-95 M566 YEM. We are currently in the process of reviewing a possible acqusition of a Routemaster that would make occasional appearances on the Durham Tour.

21st June 2011

The Optare Solo ordered earlier has been cancelled due to problems with wheels on current models, in place of this a Temsa Avenue LF has been ordered. The changes on 1st July will see service S3 interworked with S1 until 12:40, then afterwards the vehicle that had operated the 46 morning journey will head to Durham to operate the S3 then after it has finished, will again work the evening 46 journey. These new diagrams will see a vehicle operating S1 released to depot 12:40.

22nd May 2011

All further repaints are to be in a simplified style to reduce costs with the first being Mercedes Citaro G 0012-04 LX04 KZY. Vehicles repainted into Cream are similar 0013-04 LX04 KZZ and Wright Endurance / Volvo B10B 0021-95 M566 YEM while Dennis Dart W107 RNC has been sold, making this vehicle never operational with us.

11th May 2011

Transbus Alexander Dennis ALX400 V749 KJU has been acquired and numbered 0027-95. Mercedes Citaro G 0012-04 LX04 KZY is now having branding applied and should re-enter service shortly.

14th April 2011

The Wright Endurance / Volvo B10Bs aquried are now being repainted starting with 0019-94 M517 WHF into a vintage tramways style livery to show what Deerness Motor Coaches may looked like if it started a longer time ago. The rest of the fleet will be painted into standard livery. In order to keep Dennis Dart SPD 0016-00 V380 SVV in a serviceable condition, similar un-numbered W107 RNC is being stripped of several parts including windows and panels.

1st March 2011

Dennis Dart V380 SVV has now been repainted into a special envronmentally freindly livery and numbered 0016-00, this is the first time the vehicle has been avalible for service since it joined the company. The seven acquired Wright Endurances purchased are all now in service but still in original Yourbus purple as the loaned Scania OmniCitys NK60 YXF, NK60 YXG and NK60 YXH have now returned to Scania. They have all been numbered the following; 0019-94 M517 WHF, 0020-94 M526 WHF, 0021-95 M566 YEM, 0022-95 RDZ 1708, 0023-95 RDZ 1710, 0024-95 RDZ 1711 and 0025-94 RDZ 1714. Minor allocation changes have occured with 0016-00 V380 SVV allocated to 45/45a and Service S2 being converted to minibus operating usually using Dennis MPDs and Optare Solos. To make up the numbers for this service, Dennis Dart Marshall Capital T392 AGP has been acquired and is numbered 0009-99. Volvo B5L Hybrid / Wright Gemini was on demonstration the past two weeks on service 45/45a and has since returned.

13th February 2011

Dennis Darts BU05 HDX, BU05 HFZ and SF04 HXR have been numbered 0004-05, 0005-05 and 0006-04 respectively. Currently in for repaint are Mercedes Benz Citaro G 0012-04 LX04 KZY and Dennis Dart SPD (un-numbered) V380 SVV. The latter is to receive a special livery to promote environmentally freindly DMC buses.

5th February 2011

To operate new services 157, 158 and X78 seven Volvo B10B / Wright Endurances have been bought. The registrations are M517 WHF, M526 WHF, M566 YEM, RDZ 1708, RDZ 1710, RDZ 1711 and RDZ 1714. These vehicles will also operate frequently on service 44 after the 1st of March as the loaned OmniCitys are to return to Scania.

30th January 2011

0008-99 S737 RNE has been repainted into new livery.

23rd January 2011

With service 45/45a cut to every hour combined DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestge 0004-99 S350 KHN, Alexander Dennis ALX300 0005-98 R102 KRG and Optare Solo SR 0011-10 NK10 GHC have all been sold. Open Top Olympians E301 MSG and E302 MSG have been numbered 0001-87 and 0002-87 respectively with both now being avalible for service while Alexander PS / Volvo B10M M463 VCW has been re-numbered 0003-94 to match the other tour vehicles. DAF / Plaston Prima YPU 781 is now avalible for service after repaint and is numbered 0015-98.

9th January 2011

With many service changes the vehicles have also considerably been changed. The sole double decker, Optare Olympus 0001-10 NK60 FHC has left DMC due to no service requiring a double decker any more which has moved to South Shields&Sunderland. Also leaving, this time for Deerness Motor Services are Scania OmniLinks 0015-10 NK60 UPC and 0016-10 NK60 UPD due to the unsuitabiltiy of the vehicles and Optare Delta 003-97 P130 RWR. Moving into the Deerness Motor Coaches Fleet in exchange are Dennis SPDs V380 SVV, W107 RNC and X602 OKH. Alexander PS / Volvo B10M 0009-94 M463 VCW has been painted into a new livery for reserve work on the Durham Tour. 

30th December 2010

Acquired for the Durham Tour are Leyland Olympian Open Tops E301 MSG and E302 MSG.

23rd December 2010

Optare Metrorider S158 LHG has passed onto Deerness Motor Services Bus Sales while Plaxton President W464 BCW has passed onto their South Shields&Sunderland side of the company. Further repaints are of Scania OmniLinks NIK60 UPC and NK60 UPD which have been numbered 0015-10 and 0016-10 respectively. Service X99 is to be extended to Bishop Auckland from 2nd of January with our sole coach DAF / Plaxton Prima YPU 781 currently out of service for a repaint. 

18th November 2010

Major changes have taken place after funding was received the purchase of many buses for the new routes. Vehicles purchased (all un-numbered and unpainted) are Dennis Darts SF04 HXR from Stafford Bus Centre, BU05 HDX and BU05 HFZ from EnsignBus, Scania OmniLink Tri-axle's NK60 UPC and NK60 UPD, Scania OmniCitys NK60 YXF, NK60 YXG, NK60 YXH (Omnicitys loaned) from Scania and DAF / Plaxton Prima YPU 781 from Ventura Sales. These buses will all enter service on the 1st of December which is the start date of the new services.

15th November 2010

Alexander Dennis ALX300 0005-98 has been painted into an experimental livery which if successful could be our new livery. This is the only vehicle that is initially intended to be repainted while Volvo B7TL / Plaxton President 0006-00 W464 BCW is now not currently receiving a repaint and is now withdrawn.

9th November 2010

Alexander Dennis ALX100 / Mercedes Benz Vario 0007-98 R168 UAL and Mercedes Benz Citaro G 0013-04 LX04 KZZ have now returned to service following completion of repaints while Volvo B7TL / Plaxton President 0006-00 W464 BCW has been taken out of service in preperation of a repaint.

8th November 2010

A new Optare Solo M950 has been acquired from Bus and Coach Sales, registered T294 BNN and numbered 0014-99. This is allocated to service 44 which sees Alexander Dennis ALX100 / Mercedes Benz Vario 0007-98 R168 UAL once again relegated to reserve usage though it is currently out of service for a repaint into standard livery.

2nd November 2010

With revised timetables now in action service 44 and 45 allocations have been changed. Service 44 is now operated by minibuses, primarily with Optare Solo SR 0011-10 NK10 GHC and Alexander Dennis ALX100 / Mercedes Benz Vario 0007-98 R168 UAL while service 45/45a is usually operated with low floor single deckers Alexander Dennis ALX300 0005-98 R102 KRG and DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 0004-99 S350 KHN, double deckers Darwen Optare Olympus 0001-10 NK60 FHC and Volvo B7TL / Plaxton President 0006-00 W464 BCW and bendibuses Mercedes Benz Citaro G 0012-04 LX04 KZY and 0013-04 LX04 KZZ. The latter 0013-04 LX04 KZZ is currently out of service to be repainted into standard livery.

29th October 2010

Newly acquired vehicles for the increased frequency of service 45 are Mercedes Benz Citaro G LX04 KZY and LX04 KZZ from Bendybus.com. Unfortunately LX04 KZZ was withdrawn for a considerable amount of time before we bought it and therefore has a substancial amount of graffiti. Also, you may notice that many of our vehicles are now carring slogans which is to be carried out across the fleet with a different slogan on each bus.

24th October 2010

Major changes have taken place with Optare Spectras 0002-94 L94 HRF and 0003-94 L95 HRF being sold to rival company Deerness Motor Services. In exchange, Optare Metrorider S158 LHG numbered 0002-99 and Optare Delta P130 RWR numbered 0003-97 have been purchased. A major investment sees an Optare Solo SR purchased from Deerness Motor Services being NK10 GHC and numbered 0011-10 which is to mainly work services 44 and 45. A revised logo has now been launched which sees the background now simplified to one colour green and three black tower blocks added to the right. Also changed is the allocations, which see 44 operated by remaining double deckers and low floor single / minibuses, 45 operated by non-low floor singles and minibuses and 46 continuing to be operated by non low floor minibuses.

21st October 2010

The second Plaxton Beaver acquired from the Stafford Bus Centre is Plaxton Beaver / Mercedes Benz Vario S737 RNE. This vehicle carries brand new "The Villager" branding for Service 46 and has replaced our Alexander Dash / Dennis Dart L739 VNL which is now sold. Allocation changes see Alexander Dennis ALX100 / Mercedes Benz Vario relegated to reserve usage after initially operating service 46, this is due to the acqusition of S737 RNE.

19th October 2010

Recently acquired is Alexander Dennis ALX100 / Mercedes Benz Vario R168 UAL from the Stafford Bus Centre. The second Beaver has currenlty not been purchased.

17th October 2010

0005-98 has had slight changes to it's livery in order to match the rest of the Fleet. This includes the logo that has been moved back and the city design has been applied onto the windows. Recent acquisitions are two Alexander PS / Volvo B10Ms which are 0009-94 M463 VCW and 0010-94 M451 VCW from the Stafford Bus Centre. These have been painted into DMC livery but due to the short distance between the top of the bus and the window the Logo has been partly applied onto the window. The Volvo B10Ms have therefore made for the sale of Designline Olymbus VX04 MZG while Alexander Dash / Dennis Dart 0008-93 L739 VNL was due for sale but is being held on pending the arrival of 2 Mercedes Vario / Plaxton Beavers.

4th October 2010

In preperation for our new service 46 operating between Durham and Stanhope two new vehicles are being sourced. If avalible, we intend to buy two Mercedes Varios / Plaxton Beavers registered arouns the age of "L" to "R".

3rd October 2010

The full service fleet is now avalivle after the acqusition of Alexander Dennis ALX300 R102 KRG numbered 0005-98 from Stagecoach in South Shields, Volvo B7TL / Plaxton President W464 BCW numbered 0006-00 from Southdown PSV Limited, Sussex (Dealer). This vehicle remains in original maroon base colours.Designline Olymbus VX04 MZG numbered 0007-04 from Stagecoach in Newcastle after withdrawl. This vehicle remains in yellow base colours from previous Quaylink duties. Alexander Dash / Dennis Dart L739 VNL numbered 0008-93 from Arriva Bus and Coach. This vehicle has been placed in reserve and has been painted in a White base coat pending the application of fleet livery.

1st October 2010
Although Dennis Dart J536 KYT was bought, it has returned unused to Ensignbus, Purfleet (Dealer) after unsuitability of the vehicle.

15th July 2010

The first vehicles acquired are Optare Olympus NK10 FHC, Optare Spectra's L94 HRF and L95 HRF and DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige S350 KHN.


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