23rd December 2010
Service X99 is to be extended to Bishop Auckland from 2nd January, see the timetables section for more details.

29th November 2010

Two Weeks ago an experimental livery was applied to one of our buses. Due to the success of this we have already changed our livery to this cream and red based scheme which will become widespread later towards the end of this year when more repaints have taken place. This has also lead to a redesign of the website into our new livery, the website remains in essentially the same layout.

18th November 2010

Four new services will be introduced on the 1st of December 2010 following the success of our current routes. The new routes will be numbered S1 and operate from the Arnison Centre to Durham via Pity Me front street every 20 minutes, S2 and operate from Arnison Centre to Durham via Newton Hall every 15 minutes, 41 from East Hedleyhope to Durham via Quebec, Langley Park and Broompark every hour and X99 which will operate Durham to Newcastle 5 times a day which should (not guaranteed) be coach operated.  

29th October 2010

Changes to service 45 will take place on the 31st of October along with other route changes. This will be posted under the "Routes and Times" section when available.

25th October 2010

Another new service is now being planned which will be from Esh Winning to Metrocentre. This will be interwoked with service 45 to Newcastle to provide a more frequent link to Metrocentre and Newcastle with all services calling at every stop. Starting in around a week, revised timetables on existing services will be introduced which will include withdrawal of some journeys on service 44, withdrawal of service 45 between Ushaw Moor and Esh Winning and re-timed journeys on service 46.  

14th October 2010

The timetable for our service 44 (East Hedleyhope - Durham) is now available with the service ready to start tomorrow.

7th October 2010

Our new service 46 will be starting tomorrow. The timetable is now available under "Routes and Times". 

4th October 2010

A decision has been made to start our new service between Durham and Stanhope on the 8th of October numbered 46. A timetable will be available under "Routes and Times" shortly.

3rd October 2010

We are currently looking into the possibility of a Peak Time only service operating between Durham and Stanhope via the Deerness Valley. If this does happen the main Durham departure will be at 9:50. Due to low patronage on service 45 we will no longer be able to offer a low floor service, however this therefore means service 44 will be able to operate a full low floor service providing our primary service vehicles are available.

1st October 2010

Service 45 began operation between East Hedleyhope and Newcastle on the 1st of October with service 44 to start on the 15th of October.

9th July 2010

Services 44 and 45 should begin operation by October at the latest. Service 44 will operate approximately every 30 Minutes at peak times and every hour off peak between East Hedleyhope and Durham.The second Deerness Motor Coaches service 45 will operate seven return journeys from Ushaw Moor to Newcastle. Connections from East Hedleyhope will be made by service 44 and passengers are advised to transfer at Esh Winning with through fares available. 


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